Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bottle Ring Necklace

I've been working on the challenge from Kitty over the last month or so, trying to make the design in my head into a necklace. I think I'm at least on the right track, although I am not considering the piece finished yet. Remember a while back, I posted this picture, of my in-process test attempts:

I've gone farther now, and changed to working in silver. Here's a photo of the necklace now:

It looks done, but it's not. It's about an inch or so too short, and I haven't decided exactly how I want it to lie yet. Here's a closer view of the necklace parts:

It's fine silver wire, 16 gauge for the large links, and 20 gauge for the links between the rings. Here's a closer-still view of the links:

I love the way the big links came out....they are inspired by an article in Step By Step Wire Jewelry (Summer, 2008; Heartstrings Necklace), and they were really fun to make. I like designs that have a feel of movement or texture to them, so these links were perfect. The things I am stuck on now are adding length and deciding whether the smaller links between the rings are what I want there. I also am considering whether or not the design needs more detail -- dangly bits or other beads worked into the design. On the one hand, I want to make a totally over-the-top necklace full of all kinds of things, lots of texture, noise and interest. On the other hand, I am naturally drawn to simple, clean designs in my own jewelry, so I tend to make those kinds of pieces.

I've let the piece just sit for a while. I'll go back and pick it up again in a day or so, and maybe then it will finish telling me it's story so I can finish making it into what it wants to be. Stay tuned....more to come....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, a picture!

There, I promised a picture of Christine's recycled glass offerings and finally, here it is! As you can see, there are several spacer sets, a pair of chili peppers, a pair of little red and white mushrooms, a floral bead and lots of other things.

I may still make that cha cha bracelet, supplementing with somethings i already have. I've considered tryingto fuse the broken discs together, but the idea of a pot melt is calling to me. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, so the kids will be at school and daycare, but I have the day off. Look out studio, here I come!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I got Christine's recycled glass offerings in the mail last week, but my camera needs batteries so sadly, there are none for this post. Yes, I suck. It's an interesting collection which includes some of everything. I am particularly excited about the CIM red discs.

It's definitely a challenge to figure out how to use these components. I'm leaning towards making a cha cha bracelet or doing some kind of funky pot melt. Maybe both. We'll see. I need to clean up the shop so I can do some creating in there.

We have decided on the November challenge and are going with the color theme of red, black and white. It is definitely going to be fun. Stay tuned!