Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bottle Ring Necklace

I've been working on the challenge from Kitty over the last month or so, trying to make the design in my head into a necklace. I think I'm at least on the right track, although I am not considering the piece finished yet. Remember a while back, I posted this picture, of my in-process test attempts:

I've gone farther now, and changed to working in silver. Here's a photo of the necklace now:

It looks done, but it's not. It's about an inch or so too short, and I haven't decided exactly how I want it to lie yet. Here's a closer view of the necklace parts:

It's fine silver wire, 16 gauge for the large links, and 20 gauge for the links between the rings. Here's a closer-still view of the links:

I love the way the big links came out....they are inspired by an article in Step By Step Wire Jewelry (Summer, 2008; Heartstrings Necklace), and they were really fun to make. I like designs that have a feel of movement or texture to them, so these links were perfect. The things I am stuck on now are adding length and deciding whether the smaller links between the rings are what I want there. I also am considering whether or not the design needs more detail -- dangly bits or other beads worked into the design. On the one hand, I want to make a totally over-the-top necklace full of all kinds of things, lots of texture, noise and interest. On the other hand, I am naturally drawn to simple, clean designs in my own jewelry, so I tend to make those kinds of pieces.

I've let the piece just sit for a while. I'll go back and pick it up again in a day or so, and maybe then it will finish telling me it's story so I can finish making it into what it wants to be. Stay tuned....more to come....

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