Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cutter = 0, Bottle = 2

I got my bottle cutter last week but I've been too busy to try it out. Then Saturday we had the remnants of hurricane Hanna blow through which kept me from going out to the studio. Fortunately, my husband was home for a couple of hours this afternoon so I finally got time to hit the studio. Boy, is that place a mess! I need a shop monkey!

I quickly cut a plate and got that going in the kiln. One day I'm going to have projects lined up to go into the kiln so I don't waste precious days with nothing to fire.

Anyway, once I reprogrammed the kiln and got it going, it was time to open the box with the cutter in it. It's a used cutter, but it appears to have all the bits and parts. Assembling it wasn't very intuitive, but eventually I figured it out and there it stood in all it's funky glory.

Fortunately, I have this lovely box of donated bottles to try it out on. The first thing I tried was a beer bottle, it cut really well, but I don't have a very even hand with it yet so the score went off at a crazy angle. I can grind it down to get a decent cup out of so I'm cool with that.

So then I tried it on the remnants of the blue bottle that gave up such cool rings. You can see a picture of them in the last post. I skipped an instruction. Wah!!!! Never skip an instruction. Of course, the score went off the line again. I think I can salvage it. Plus, I have a couple more blue bottles, but still - epic fail. When am I ever going to learn?

Oh well. I'm having fun, and that's the point of the whole excersize.

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