Monday, September 15, 2008

More Bottle Cutter Madness

So my friend Jennie had a project that involved cutting bottles. She contacted me and asked if she could just tie a string soaked in kerosene to the bottle, light it, then douse it in ice water. Whoa! I said. Come to my house and try the bottle cutter first. Jennie loves fire, but she agreed to come by yesterday and give the cutter a shot.

There we were yesterday afternoon in the blistering heat, fumbling around with the bottle cutter. Remember the previous post? Yeah. That. At any rate, we decided that a combination of techniques would work. We scored the bottles on the cutter, then heated the score with a lighter and plunged it into ice water.

Voila! It worked! It worked really well. Sure, we had to do some minor tapping in places where the score wasn't deep enough, but we managed to cut up six bottles. Jennie got her project made, and I am all pumped up with several projects to work on. First of all, I need to send Christine the rest of my glass for the recycled project. I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Check out the cool guitar slides Jennie made!

The first one is the ceramic slide that we based them on. The other three are her blues guitar-playing friend's top three picks from the six we made. Sweet recycling!

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papernclay said...

hmmmmm- I got one of those bottle cutters and had absolutely no luck with it- Your giving me inspiration to give it another try!