Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Every Blog Needs a First Post

This space seemed so forlorn. I mean, it's only been here for a few hours, but no entries in a blog is terribly sad so i figured I'd better do something about it.

I'm Krista and I am addicted to glass. No, really--I'm totally obsessed with it and have been for as long as I can remember. As a child, I used to entertain myself by sketching stained glass windows in the church. My friend Christine is equally addicted. I'm sure she'll share her thoughts on the matter at some point. At any rate, we are so into it that among our group of friends we're known collectively as The Glass Girls. We like to share our techniques and push each other's limits when it comes to trying new things. Our interests run the gamut from stained and painted leadlight panels to lampworking, to casting, to fusing, to reproduction Roman glassware. We're kind of 'ooh, shiny glass!' Christine and I have a friendly competition, though we tend to find that we are usually doing the same thing as the other whether we plan to or not. It's sort of spooky in a way.

At any rate, since we have this tendency to hit certain interests at roughly the same time, we thought it would be great fun to do a collaborative blog. Because - hello - we each thought it would be cool at the same time. I swear, sometimes it seems like there's an echo, but we never know who's going to voice it first.

This blog is sort of our space to share techniques and our glasswork both with you, our readers, and with each other. We plan to do exchanges roughly every two months. After all, we are busy mothers and our kids come first. Our first exchange is planned for September and we are featuring recycled glass. Of course, we couldn't wait to tell each other about what we are planning to exchange, but I'm sure there will be some surprises. All that friendly competition and all, you know. LOL! And you know we will be sharing pictures of what we send each other along with some dialog on how we came to our exchange choices and what we plan to do with the items we get.

It's going to be a lot of fun. Come back often and watch us pull stuff out of our glass!!!!

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