Thursday, August 21, 2008

In love

I'm in love with a glass rod.

It's the most luscious, delicious shade of red I have ever seen. It's Creation Is Messy's Sangre.

It doesn't require striking, it's already red. It stays red, too, when I work it on my pitifully slow HotHead. This afternoon, I made two of the most beautiful wrapped disc beads -- a pair for earrings -- and not only did they stay that beautiful red, they stayed whole.

Well, they stayed whole until I fiddled with one and it exploded in my fingers. Sigh. I really really want to make disc beads....I have such terrific ideas for jewelry with them....but disc beads do not like me.

But I have this beautiful red glass. I think I need to order more.

1 comment:

Krista said...

Hmmm... maybe we need to have a favorite glass exchange at some point. I have this delicious Bullseye cranberry sheet glass. It is to die for! And of course, you can't forget my favorite Effetre Vanilla and Lauscha clear, but you probably already have those.